About Grapeland, Texas

Grapeland, Texas


  • Houston County, Texas


  • 1,927

Unemployment Rate

  • 3.5%

Median Income

  • $26,855

The townsite of Grapeland places its beginning at the time of the coming of the railroad, the Houston and Great Northern Railroad Company, in 1872 and named for rank wild grapevines.

Grapeland was originally called Grapevine and was an important East Texas crossroads. When the town applied for a post office in 1873 they were given the sad news that a town up in North Texas was already using the name so they quickly changed three letters and resubmitted their application.

Oil and gas, produced since 1936, enrich an economy based on peanuts, ranching, truck crops, cotton, and manufacturing. The town is now known as the gateway to the 1500-acre Houston County Lake.

Grapeland, Texas is largely a rural community of farms and ranches with a growing downtown area,

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